Between remembering and forgetting: In «mnemosyne I» two performers from the fields of contemporary music and theatre collaborate with a composer and sound director. As a result a differentiated spectrum of works for flute, voice and live electronics evolves.

The acoustic characteristics of the performance space including the audience, the reverberating space of the flute and of the performer´s mouth are made audible. The language related compositions reveal both the implicit and explicit musical aspects of the texts used, taking their architecture as a starting point for sound structures or translating their semantics into musical metaphors. «mnemosyne I» refers to the dialectic of remembering and forgetting, as well as to the possibility of perceiving the constitution and consciousness of time.


Voice >> Gina Mattiello
Flutes >> Maruta Staravoitava
Live Electronics >> Reinhold Schinwald
Conception >> Gina Mattiello, Reinhold Schinwald, Maruta Staravoitava

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